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Trading Calculator Widget


The Trading Calculator is a user-friendly tool designed for individuals interested in getting a quick estimate of the returns on their investment over a specified period. This widget is especially useful for those engaged in trading or investment activities where daily returns and periodic deposits are a common strategy.

By entering details such as the initial investment amount, expected daily return percentage, daily drawdown percentage, number of trading days per month, and additional weekly deposits, users can get an insightful projection of their investment growth. The calculator provides weekly updates on the investment balance, total returns, and the percentage gain, making it a convenient tool for planning and tracking investment strategies.

How to Use the Trading Calculator Widget

  1. Enter Your Initial Investment: Input the amount of money you initially plan to invest.

  2. Set Daily Return Percentage: Enter the expected daily return on your investment as a percentage. For example, enter '0.5' for a 0.5% daily return.

  3. Specify Daily Drawdown Percentage: Input the expected daily drawdown as a percentage. This is the percentage of the investment you might expect to lose each day.

  4. Trading Days Per Month: Enter the number of active trading days in a month. Typically, this could be around 20 days, but it might vary.

  5. Additional Weekly Deposit: If you plan to add extra funds to your investment weekly, enter that amount here.

  6. Number of Consecutive Weeks: Specify the number of weeks over which you want to calculate the investment growth.

  7. Calculate: Once all the fields are filled in, click on the 'Calculate' button.


After clicking 'Calculate', the widget will display the weekly balance of your investment, the total return for each week, and the percentage gain. This output will help you understand how your investment could grow over the specified number of weeks, taking into account your additional deposits and the expected daily return and drawdown rates.


Remember, this calculator is for estimation purposes and should be used as a guide rather than a definitive forecast of investment returns. Always consider seeking advice from a financial professional for detailed investment planning.

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