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The Business Escalation i-Team observes the current conditions of your organization to establish the 6 trademarked process levels to escalating your business:


  1. Observation & Discovery
  2. Framework of Organizational Structure
  3. Constraint Model Assessment
  4. Hyper-customized Action Planning
  5. Plan Implementation
  6. Results Analysis


Observation & Discovery ASSESSMENT

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$99.00Sale Price
  • A Business Escalation i-Team representative will be assigned to you during the first B.E. phase to observe the current conditions of your organization & discover the process levels to escalating your business.

  • Business Escalation (B.E.) operates on a strict NO-REFUND policy for its process levels. This is because our services involve a significant investment of time and resources, and we are committed to delivering high-quality work that meets or exceeds client expectations. We work closely with our clients throughout each phase of the process, from observation and discovery to implementation and evaluation, to ensure that we develop customized solutions that address their specific needs and goals. Once the work has been completed, it cannot be undone, and we are unable to provide refunds. We encourage clients to ask any questions or address any concerns they may have prior to engaging our services to ensure that our work is a good fit for their needs.

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