Revenue Cycle Management

Increase revenue opportunities, reduce costs, improve customer service

Maintaining a steady stream of income for your business is crucial for meeting your fiscal obligations. In the same way you would manage an investment portfolio, you need real-time insight on your cash position to make timely, well-informed decisions.

Meet Cash Requirements for Core Business Operations

Having enough cash on hand at the right time in order to fund core business operations is the number one priority for cash managers worldwide. Oracle Cash Management gives you direct visibility into expected cash needs and forecasted cash receipts. You can quickly analyze enterprise-wide cash requirements and currency exposures, ensuring liquidity and optimal use of cash resources.

Minimize Idle Cash

Real time cash positioning is essential for preventing bank balance overdrafts and for
effectively managing liquidity.

Exercise Control Over Bank Accounts

Timely bank reconciliation is crucial to protecting your bank accounts from unauthorized use. Our Cash Management solutions offer comprehensive bank reconciliation capabilities, enabling you to maintain accurate cash balances, identify and resolve exceptions, manage bank errors, and monitor fraud.

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Introduction to Oracle’s Revenue Cycle Management:

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