Operations Management

An integrated solution for managing and executing your retail operations

Retail merchandise operations management forms a key component in creating your experience platform by delivering value across the organization in numerous ways:

Support for Commerce Anywhere

Oracle Retail Merchandising consolidates all types of product, price and inventory information, enabling consistent and connected consumer interactions. It supports the product movements needed to efficiently satisfy consumer demand across all channels, as well as supporting expansion into new channels, brands, formats or countries.

Endless Aisle

By defining where the items are to carried: in-store, online or both, the retailer can control the mix of products sent to the location to best meet their needs at a physical store while allowing the stores visibility to the ‘endless’ assortment of items online.

Increased revenues

Improving inventory visibility and accuracy, adopting a consistent yet responsive pricing strategy, and leveraging science to drive supply chain decisions all enable retailers to achieve greater profits and higher growth.

Reduced costs

Streamlining processes such as deal management and invoice matching improves efficiency. Better purchasing and distribution decisions mean lower inventory levels and fewer markdowns.

Agile platform

Oracle Retail merchandise operations management features a highly scalable, modular architecture that allows you to focus on the most relevant aspects of your business first. This contributes to a lower cost of implementation, mitigates risk and provides quicker business value

Single source of information

One version of accurate data across your organization creates the foundation for all solutions in the retail enterprise, supports higher merchandise performance and enables better business decisions.

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