Higher Education

Technology and process for breakthroughs in education

Business Escalation specializes in hyper-connected institutions, leveraging technology and best-in-class strategies to improve enrollment, reduce expenses and increase savings.

Service Highlights:

Accurate, Actionable Business Intelligence

Institutions collect tremendous amounts of data. The day is siloed, and often conflicting. Consequently, unreliable data makes important decision all the more daunting. You need a way to put data together in a way that helps you operate your institution more efficiently. Our business intelligence solution is a unified system that collects and organizes your data, and turns it into reports that become actionable knowledge

Enterprise-Class Security, Reliability and Compliance

As communications become more distributed and ubiquitous, you’ll need to make sure it remains as secure and reliable as your current infrastructure while ensuring compliance with a growing number of regulations and standards.

Efficient, Profitable Management of Treasury Operations

Run your core treasury operations with improved insight, efficiency, profitability and control. Whether you want to forecast cash balances or analyze investment and debt portfolios, our treasury management solution provides a fully integrated corporate treasury system.


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