Earlier this year, Business Escalation was named Oracle’s Midwest Representative for Business Intelligence (BI) Cloud Service. While this position comes with its own level of esteem and respect, it should also be noted that Business Escalation is the only woman-owned Oracle Platinum Partner to hold the title.

As the new Oracle BI representative, Business Escalation and its CEO Mayda Barsumyan have been positioned as the most knowledgeable and most prepared to implement the software for Oracle clients in the middle of the U.S.

“Oracle’s direction is The Cloud and it is taking its partners and customers along with them,” Mayda said. “We are honored to be a part of this transformation. In this way, Business Escalation is revolutionizing technology.”

Who is using BI?

Oracle’s Business Intelligence software allows financial information to be analyzed in real time and from anywhere thanks to its position on The Cloud. For companies managing millions of dollars in transactions day after day, this platform allows company leaders to have the most comprehensive snapshot of their financial picture (translated into intuitive visualizations) so that they can make timely, intelligent decisions on a minute-by-minute basis.

Along with data integrity, advanced security, speed and simplicity, what separates Oracle’s BI Cloud Service from others on the market is the ability to drill down to source documentation. Clients are able to load and combine diverse data with a click so that they can view what happened and why, and ensure everyone involved sees and understands – anytime, anywhere.

Clients can also rest easy knowing that Oracle BI Cloud Services offers an end-to-end cloud solution, from data center to infrastructure to applications. In the Oracle Public Cloud, there are no third-party vendors hosting, virtualizing, managing, troubleshooting, handling, uploading, downloading, or transporting client data.

For CFOs and CIOs who know they are losing revenue because they don’t have complete information, Oracle’s BI Cloud Service is a true game changer.

For more information on Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service, contact Business Escalation: info@businessescalation.com or 888-594-9919.